Wood-Pussy Fleet

Last Update: July 25, 2014

2014 CLYC Wood-Pussy Fleet
Sailing and Social Schedule


Wednesday June 18, 2:00 PM – Meeting / Help Rig Boats / Safety Inspection / Tune-Up Fun Sail - First meet in the clubhouse at 2:00 PM to discuss our Fleet 2014 sailing and social schedule along with which leaders still need help. 
Wednesday June 18, 6:00 PM - The first W-P Fleet Pot-luck will follow, details in another email.
Friday June 20, 2:05 PM - 1st race - Following the races at about 3:45 PM we will collect around our boats in the Club parking lot for our 1st Lean-In.
July 2 & 4, 2:00 PM - 4th of July Regatta. *
July 10 - Moonlight Sail opportunity leave the dock promptly at moon rise (7:40 PM) . The date may shift a day or two due to weather conditions. At least 2 in each boat, PFD, flashlight and cell phone suggested. 
July 19 - W-P Fleet Pot-luck, details to follow.
July 25, 6:30 PM - CLYC Trophy Dinner.
July 30, 31 & August 1 – 3rd Annual W-P Fun Regatta. * Julie Herrick will be helping to set up a number of FUN events on the water this season, including the Fun Regatta during WMYA week, Moonlight Sails for each full moon, Fun Sails after the racing season, and anything else her committee dreams up. These are great opportunities to involve people who are both racers and non-racers. NEEDED: Fun ideas and volunteers for the committee to help plan these events - please contact Julie at JuliaRHerrick@gmail.com to participate.
August 9, 7:47 PM – Moonlight Sail opportunity.
August 16 - W-P Fleet Pot-Luck, tentative date.
August 29 – Final race 
September & October "Fun Sails": Weekly/spontaneous group sailing opportunities follow into September and October, whenever good weather is forecast. 
September 4 - 7 - E Nationals Regatta at CLYC. WP Fleet is supporting and staffing boat entry and parking during the E National Regatta. Ted Skierski and Toby Tull will be leading this effort, so please contact Toby/Ted if you'll be at the Lake during this regatta so they won't have to ask you.
September 8, 7:47 PM – Moonlight Sail opportunity.
September 13 - W-P Fleet Pot-Luck, tentative date.
October 6, 6:16 PM - Moonlight Sail opportunity.

*As in prior summers, the 4th of July Regatta race results will not be included in our July Series or SEASONS tabulations and the 3rd Annual Fun Regatta race results will not be included in our August Series or SEASONS tabulations.

To view the current 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing, see ISAF's version at this WEB-site: http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/ISAFRRS20132016Final-[13376].pdf 

Also consider joining US Sailing: http://membership.ussailing.org/

2014 CLYC Wood-Pussy Fleet
Participation and Support Opportunities


To sign up: Contact activity leaders by June 18 (WP Tune up)



WOOD-PUSSY HOIST PATROL TEAM Bill Petti (wpetti@charter.net) and Bill McMillan (wmcmillan@pcsia.net), along with their Hoist Patrol Team, will offer help to skippers and crew in the launch ramp area as boats are hoisted in and out of the water. NEEDED: Volunteers to assist at the hoist.

SKIPPER/CREW INSTRUCTION Bruce Walker (walkerba807@gmail.com) will help set up individualized training sessions as requested by current or prospective fleet members. NEEDED: Bruce has asked for a co-leader for these instruction sessions.


Skippers: W-P boat owners have often invited new skippers to take out their boats for either racing or fun sailing. Anyone who doesn't already own a boat but is interested in skippering, should contact Toby Tull (crystallk@t-one.net) to determine what can be arranged.

Crews: If you want to crew, contact Toby Tull (crystallk@t-one.net) to find out if skippers are looking for crew and/or show up before our races & fun sails and see if skippers are looking for/able to take crew.


Julie Herrick will be helping to set up a number of FUN events on the water this season, including the Fun Regatta during WMYA week, Moonlight Sails for each full moon, Fun Sails after the racing season, and anything else her committee dreams up. These are great opportunities to involve people who are both racers and non-racers. NEEDED: Fun ideas and volunteers for the committee to help plan these events - please contact Julie (JuliaRHerrick@gmail.com) to participate.

LEAN-INS Christy Tull (crystalkmikey@t-one.net or 352-5663 year-round land line), with co-leaders Trish Skierski (sumpri43@yahoo.com or 352-5034 summer land line) for June, and Heather Perry (perry@champlain.edu or 383-4069 summer land line) for July, and Linda Tull (htull4@aol.com cell 810-241-5686) for August, will organize volunteers to host individual Lean-Ins. Two volunteers are requested for each Lean-In, held after most Friday races, starting at about 3:45 - 4:00 PM (or around 3:15 PM if races are canceled). Each volunteer will help 2x per sailing season bringing food, staying to help during the Lean-In and cleaning up afterwards. Christy will bring a sign-up form to the first Pot-Luck. NEEDED: Volunteers for specific lean-ins.

POT-LUCK DINNERS The 2014 WP Fleet Pot Luck season will soon begin! These are special social events for the fleet and we hope to have about one pot luck per month starting in June and continuing through October. We already have several hosts signed up but are looking for additional hosts as well as co-hosts. Host responsibilities include providing the venue and the “anchor” (main) dish. Co-hosts partner with hosts for the main dish as well as help with set up/cleanup. Barbara Leonard will be coordinating this year’s schedule. If you can be a host, or would like to be a co-host, please contact Barbara (barbarahleonard@outlook.com or 914 649 3918 cell). NEEDED: Hosts and co-hosts.

CLOTHING ORDER Advise Helene Saunders (hms6@aol.com) regarding apparel / clothing accessory items of interest. NEEDED: Helene would like a co-leader for this activity.

FLEET PHOTOGRAPHY The fleet always enjoys photos of our sailing and social gatherings, photos from past seasons included. Fleet members are encouraged to take pictures and ask family or friends to have their cameras handy as well, especially on the water. Jim Bovard will photograph some of our special social events, and he has offered to consult on ways in which we can organize and share our photos. NEEDED: a couple of people interested in photo collection and sharing, with Jim's help.


RULES/FLOTATION/RIGGING/SAFETY Dan Greene and Pete Weir will schedule and run education sessions to include rigging, tuning, flotation, light & heavy-wind sailing skills, racing rules/tactics and safety issues. Pete and Dan encourage all owners and skippers to look over their boats and equipment in preparation for the summer season.

BOAT REHAB./REPAIR Bob King, John (Vink) Vinkemulder and Pete Weir will guide and assist when they can with needed work on your boat and its rigging.

RACE DAYS The W-P Fleet Captain, Dan Greene, will lead the races each sailing day. Skippers are strongly encouraged to sail with crew to enable increased participation in our W-P racing. This summer our races will generally start at 2:00 on Wednesdays and 2:05 on Fridays. We are scheduled to sail 2 races per day (on a Windward/Leeward, Olympic or an occasional Triangular course). It is wise to plan to be at the Club early each day to get rigged and ready on the starting line. When weather is questionable, races will be postponed before they are canceled. In the event a race must be canceled for any reason, a third race may be added on Wednesdays as a "make up race" - The weekly Fleet Captain email will indicate if we will sail three races on Wednesday of the up-coming week.

RACE SCORING Bill Cotsworth will tabulate and post on CLYC.net our 4th of July Regatta, July Series, 3rd Annual W-P Fun Regatta, August Series and SEASONS sailing results. All race results count towards SEASONS standings, except our 4th of July Regatta and 2nd Annual W-P Fun Regatta which stand alone. As in 2013, boats will be scored to tabulate standings, not skippers.

FLEET COMMUNICATION will be coordinated by Dan Greene. Click on this link: CLYC W-P Web Site to view our Fleet information on our web site.


As always, Toby Tull can provide leads for those who would like to own their very own classic W-P. Contact Toby (crystallk@t-one.net) if you'd like to learn more:

1970s Marscot fiberglass hull with all equipment including trailer (boat needs some minor work) -- $1,800.00 (firm)
2012 WEEKS Yacht Yard fiberglass hull with all equipment including trailer of the same age (boat sailed infrequently) -- $6,500.00 (firm)
2011 WEEKS Yacht Yard fiberglass hull with all equipment (boat sailed only once) -- $9,500.00 (some wiggle room, but think not much) 





W-P Chicago MAC Pot Luck Dinner Social

Summer 2011



2008 Florida Flingof the Wood-Pussy Fleet & Friends

February 18-22, 2008, the CLYC mighty Wood-Pussy Fleet met in Florida for its Winter Social. There were 23 of us and we based our group mainly on Anna Maria Island and spent fun times from there down to North Port. We walked on the beaches, kayaked in Sarasota Harbor's mangroves, sailed on a sloop off Bradenton on the Intracoastal Waterway, shopped at Saint Armands Circle, explored Charlotte Harbor by motorboat, ate together in various venues, even on the beach for breakfast, and at our two host homes (Weirs and Cotsworths), and finally several of us sailed 5 races on two E-scows in the Sarasota Harbor with the Sarasota Sailing Squadron who lent us the hulls for our use. We had a wonderful time together. Come join us in 2009. Talk with one of our W-P Fleet Members about future Fleet events.



2005 Invitational

These pictures are from the 2005 CLYC Wood-Pussy Fleet Invitational:

Wood-Pussy Roster




Boat Name


Suzy Voltz

Suzy Voltz



Ted Greene

Dan Greene

Greene Hornet


Betsie Hosick




Lou Cenname & Pete Weir  

Pete Weir



Tom Osborn

Tom Osborn



Christy Bednar

Christy Bednar

Vamanose Dos


Michael Graf

Michael Graf



Chip Tull

Chip Tull

Whispering Tull


Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes

Poleskat Too


Ted Skierski

Ted Skierski

Summer Princess


Greg Sutton

Greg & Judy Sutton



Vink Vinkemulder

Vink Vinkemulder



Bob King

Bob King

slo leaque


Tom Getz

Tom or Margaret Getz



Joe Zalar

Kathy Rogers Zalar



Jim Gosnel

Jim Gosnel



Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker

Celtic Cat


Peter Ellsworth

Peter Ellsworth



Roger Perry

Roger Perry



Toby Tull

Toby Tull

Pribe's Tribe


Walker A Wynkoop &   Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips

Blue Bird


Helene Saunders

Katrina Saunders


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